Backup Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Today's Information Technology is complex and requires the skills of a trained and trusted IT business advisor.

When your business is exposed to a disaster, whether it's a hardware failure or mother nature, the breakdowns your business could experience can have disastrous impacts including lost revenue production, damage to your businesses reputation, service disruptions to client and employees, compliancy fines, lawsuits, and the list goes on. Internet Contrasts provides full data protection and data loss prevention to business's to help mitigate and prevent, when possible, costly data loss and downtime.

When you team up with Internet Contrasts and execute our full data backup and disaster recovery strategy you will have confidence in knowing your important data and records are protected and able to be restored when you need it. Our team works with you to determine what the best backup and disaster recovery solution is for your business based on your individual needs, concerns, and risks.

  • Cloud backup to the Internet - Keep data safe and secure by storing critical data off-site in the Internet Contrasts online data vault.
  • Virtualize to the Internet - Internet Contrasts can replicate your environment online during a prolonged server outage. Our virtualized backup keeps your business going in the event of a major failure or disaster.
  • Virtualize Locally - Have a second instance of your server running in the event of a hardware failure. A virtual server running in your office will allow for an operational network while Internet Contrasts works at fixing your down server.
  • 15 Minute Incremental Backups - For those clients who have a low tolerance to data loss, this solution keeps your data current.