IT Consulting & Compliancy

Today's Information Technology is complex and requires the skills of a trained and trusted IT business advisor.

You turn to your attorney for legal advice. You have a CPA to help you make sense of your finances. You rely on your doctor for medical advice and wellness checks. Why not turn to a technology advisor to help you create and maintain the IT infrastructure that supports your business needs and implement solutions to address your breakdowns?

Our consulting services include the research, planning, designing and execution of your network to support your business needs today and into the future. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians identify common and unique breakdowns in IT systems, designing solutions focused on scalability, security, redundancy, compliancy and performance.

IT Regulatory Compliance Solutions

HIPAA – The privacy rule originally written for health care providers including definitions of who is covered, what information is protected and how that information can be used and disclosed. Specifications include risk analysis, termination procedures, protection from malicious software, log-in monitoring, password management, data backup plan, disaster recovery plan, data back-up and storage, encryption and decryption along with testing and revision procedures. Internet Contrasts has multiple clients in the healthcare industry and successfully supports the compliance of their IT infrastructure.

PCI – The global data security standard adopted by the payment card brands for all entities that process, store or transmit cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data. Being compliant requires a developed and maintained firewall, protection from viruses and malware, regular testing of security systems and processes along with documentation that can be provided on request. Lack of compliancy leads to added fees, fines and the potential for reputation loss. Internet Contrasts strictly practices PCI compliance and shares our configured tools and processes through our managed service offerings.

SEC/FINRA – Standards that investment institutions are required to follow regarding the preservation of records, electronic and physical data storage, duplication requirements, archiving and bookkeeping. Failure to follow their standards can lead to internal and/or regulatory disciplinary actions, civil liability, costly penalties, damaged corporate reputation and loss of goodwill. Internet Contrasts has the experience and systems in place to support your institutions compliancy through secure data storage options, archiving and documentation.

Sarbanes-Oxley – Accounting focused standards created through an Act focused on operations, internal account controls and auditing practices of company accounting departments. CEOs and CFO's are directly responsible for the accurate documentation and submission of all financial reports, as well as the internal control structure, to the SEC. Penalties for non-compliance can include substantial fines and jail time. It is the internal control structure, and your accounting department's ability to report concerning material changes in almost real-time, where Internet Contrasts can support your company through best practice experience and implementation along with reporting of the compliant framework and structure.